Director’s Statement

Balance’ is an experiemental essay documentary about the relationship between animals. Set in the present time, it takes us through a philosophical path that makes up someone’s political stand, in this specific case, my own. 
Before being a filmmaker, I consider myself an artist. Film is but only one of the tools through which I express my thoughts on the world. Balance’ was born on one of my quests, the one of awareness. This quest has been following me for a hand full of years and I’m afraid it’ll persist for quite a few more. On today’s contemporary society, everything needs to be objective. All must be under control. But “for what”? Why is it more important to talk about animals when we live in a world where humans inflict pain on each other on a daily basis? It is no less and no more, because it shares the same core. It poses the same questions of allienation, the lack of compassion and this ridiculous distance that we created for ourselves from what really matters. It is my belief that we stoped thinking, because its so much easier to have other people thinkig for us. “Let them worry about that?!”. This film attempts to go against that, to open doors, make new connections to a subject that is familiar to us, that appeals to a softer side of our existence as living beings. After all, who doesn’t like animals, right?! Through poetry, Balance’ opens a door into the private world of animals, domesticated and farm animals, the ones that are a lot closer to us and whom we share common spaces. Ultimatly telling us that all living beings should respect and live in harmony with one another.
One of the aspects that was most important for me during the production of this film was the location shooting. 60% of the film was shot on the northen region of my home country, Portugal. This was quite a satisfying decision for me. Not only did it allow me the freedom and confort of travelling through places, talking to people and sharing my view (in my native language) but it allowed me to create a geography for the film, gave it a sense of place that was absent before. Through animals, the films transports us into a different country, with a different culture and a different set of characters.