In the context of this contemporary world where humans have an outstanding power and influence on the earth and control over the animals whom they share it with, one can only ask what can be done in order to reach a balance between everything. 
Balancé is an experimental essay documentary about the relationship of animals. The film follows themes of politics, present in the voice over, where the message of ethics, of environmental concerns and economical puzzles cross dots with an appeal to social knowledge and awareness, as well as a nihilistic belief for an ending. It expresses a reflective journey on evolution. It opens up questions on how and why animals relate to each other, what they have in common and what’s unique about each and every one of them. This film takes the audience through a journey into Fear and Love, two energies common to all of Us. It attempts to bring them to a level of equality and respect, as Stephen Eisenman said in the book The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights: “animals in common with humans, possess souls that must be honoured and understood, (...) a communion between equals.”.
Balancé takes us into a 9 minute trip of colorful imagery and complex textures, a closer look into our animal peers.
The film shows the life and death of non-humans that live their lives not that differently from ours, confined to society’s purpose: they eat, create routines and/or are enslaved to serve a purpose.
An insight to a variety of animals, so close to our reality, so present in our daily lives but yet so far from our minds.



Screened at:

16th August - BFI (British Film Institute), London, UK


31st August - UCA (University for the Creative Arts), Farnham, UK